About us

At the Institute of Transportation Engineering we put quality first

We believe that by implementing the latest achievements of sciences and actively participating in the scientific processes, we will contribute to the construction and management of a quality, sustainable, safe, economically efficient and environment-friendly transportation infrastructure in favor of the customers.

In order to achieve our goals, while adhering to our values, the Institute of Transport Infrastructure became the first scientific organization in the construction sector in Bulgaria.

Thus we manage to be part of the ongoing in the scientific sphere processes and to apply scientific knowledge in our businesses. The unique symbiosis between practice and science allows us to boldly look ahead and successfully to implement projects and ideas on a large scale. Innovation, ecology, economic efficiency and the search for knowledge are our guiding light, which is invariably followed by our team.


To use science and innovation for the development, sustainability and prosperity of society


To create the most innovative, green and user-oriented solutions in transport infrastructure


Belief in people, partnership, visionary, trust