Consulting activity

The Institute of Transport Infrastructure carries out its consulting activities through its company – Smart Synergy Consult

Basic activities:

Preparation of business models and financial analyses;
Preparation, implementation and implementation of projects financed by the European structural and investment funds and financial instruments.
Preparation of documentation in relation to the applicable provisions of the Law on Public Procurement.
Pre-investment research to identify funding needs and potential funding opportunities under various schemes and funds;
Preparation of cost-benefit analysis, financial analysis and business plan;
Preparation of an application for application with a project proposal;
Preparation of administrative documents and budget;
Development of a package of documents for tender procedures;
Carrying out a preliminary, current and subsequent review of public procurement documentation in accordance with the Public Procurement Act and the project proposal approved for funding
Project evaluation
Project management;

Monitoring and on-site inspections;
Documentary checks, including: administrative, financial and technical review of financial statement, request for payment, progress report, including accompanying documents;
Development of systems for financial management and control;
Preparation of functional analyses;
Analysis and updating of internal acts of the administration;
Preparation of regional analyzes (including SWOT analyses);
Preparation of sectoral and territorial strategies;
Socio-economic and marketing research;
Preparing and maintaining correspondence with the Managing/Financing Authority, including preparing reports and progress reports;
Organization of trainings and holding of meetings and public discussions;
Implementation of information and publicity activities;
Audit of projects, budgets and activities;
Administration of Irregularities
Project reporting;

Customers and partners:

Ministry of Health

National Association of Municipalities of the Republic of Belarus

Municipalities on the territory of the Republic of Belarus

University of Architecture, Construction and Geodesy

Municipal trading companies

Non-profit legal entities

Legal entities with a business purpose, in the construction, education, sports and transport sectors;